Thursday, November 26, 2015

Maths Presentation Week 7 Term 4

This is my presentation and second maths task for Week 7. It is all about using the right strategy to solve questions.  

Fair Chocolate By Renata Hopkins Week 7 Term 4

This is my reading activity that I have been completing these past few weeks. I have read this article before and completed another presentation but this time, the questions are very different.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thinkboard Week 7 Term 4

This is the first algebra thinkboard for this year and the first Maths activity for Week 7.

Google Expedition

Image result for google cardboard

“Google Expedition, what’s that?” I thought to myself as I read the timetable for the day. The bell went and as I walked into the street, I saw 25-30 Google Cardboard spread out over two picnic tables. At first I couldn’t remember what they were called but I knew I had used them before.

During the notices, Mrs Tele’a announced that group by group, we were going to be using Google Cardboard. I remembered, the extension group went the GEGNZ Student Summit at Hobsinville Primary School earlier on this year and we had the privilege of being able to experience Google Cardboard.

My group was the second group after morning tea to experience the Google Cardboard and from watching others before morning tea go through, I was pretty excited. As we walked in, we all received a Google Cardboard to use and we were then told what we were going to do. Mrs Tele’a or Mr Clarke would pick a location and it was like we were teleported to another place.

Our first locations were in rainforests and we had to try and find certain insects or animals hidden in the leaves. The hardest one for me was trying to find the dead leaf mantis because it looked like a dead leaf and in a habitat that is mostly leaves and trees, that was pretty hard to find.

Next, we were taken to famous buildings around the world. We went to the Palace of Versallies in France and we were taken to the 43rd level of The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. At times, it was scary because it felt like we were actually that high in the sky. Lastly we went up into space and saw the earth from the other side and we went to the moon!

I enjoyed the experience and even though my neck was sore afterwards, it was fun and totally worth it! I hope to do this again soon and this time go to more places around the world!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Bioengineering Term 4

This term, the Yr 7 & 8 extension class have been learning about Biomedical Engineering also known as Bioengineering.  I learnt a lot and to show you what I learnt, Lesieli and I made this presentation. Have a look and let me know in the comments what you think!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Mr Patterson's Tips For College

Today, we had the privilege of listening to Mr Patterson and his tips for our college marathon which will begin next year. We learnt lots and I think that the things he told us will help us a lot in the next five years. We learnt that to be successful, it all starts with the right mindset. When you have a positive mindset, you will have a positive outcome, but if your mindset is negative, that's exactly what your end result will be.

We learnt about seven habits for a teenager to have to succeed.
  • Be proactive
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Put first things first
  • Think win win
  • Synergize 
  • Seek first to understand then be understood
  • Sharpen the saw
The main things that I learnt from our talk today was:
I always need to have the right mindset with everything, whether it's work, cultural, sports or anything but we just need to be and think positive. Also at the beginning of each week, it is good to list out your priorities and make sure to manage your time.

I look forward to going to starting my college marathon next year with a lot of new tips.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Introduction to Algebra Week 6

This is the introduction to algebra presentation that I completed this week for maths. It was pretty confusing but I think that with more practise, I will be great at it!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Thinkboard Week 6 Term 4

This is my thinkboard for week 6 of term 4. It is a simple addition question getting us ready for algebra. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Maths Presentation Week 5 Term 4

This is my maths presentation for Week 5 of Term 4! We are already half way through my last term at PES! This presentation is full of word problems, there is percentages, fractions, multiplication, division and more! Have a look to find out more and feel free to leave me some feedback on how I went!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Thinkboard Week 5 Term 4

This is my thinkboard for Week 5. It is different this week, instead of a subtraction problem there is a decimal multiplication problem. The question is 215.5 x 20, my answer is 4310. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thinkboard Week 4 Term 4

This is my thinkboard and first activity for week 4 of term 4. It is another subtraction problem, 4.1 - 2.873. The strategy I used was partitioning and the answer I got was 1.227

Term 4 Test Writing - A time spent with friends

“Technology, PENN, morning tea….. Fun time?! What’s that?” I wondered to myself as I read through the schedule for the day. “Miss Misela, what’s happening at fun time?” I asked eagerly. “You will just have to find out when the time comes, all you need to know is you’re going to have fun!” She replied with a smile.

“Bliiiiiinnngg!!!!” The bell rang so I walked and sat down in the street ready for morning assembly. After the notices, Mrs Tele’a walked up to the front to talk more about the “Fun Time” that was to take place straight after morning tea. Most of the people around me agreed that it was probably a test since it was the beginning of testing week. We were surprised to find that it wasn’t a test after all, it was an amazing race! I was very excited and it was on my mind for most of the morning.

It was morning tea time and I was sitting inside talking and eating with my friends when suddenly, “Yay! We are all in the same group!” My friend Josephine exclaimed. I looked up to the whiteboard to find that she was right, all of my close friends in room three were in the same group for the amazing race. Things were looking up.

As I walked back to class, I thought about the race, “What are we actually going to do? Will the activities be fun?” Lots of questions were in my head but I just had to wait and find out. I arrived outside my classroom to see Mrs Tele’a waiting, “Ok team, you need to get changed into your P.E gear and head to the street so you can get your instructions and head off.” Room 3 followed her inside and were soon in the street ready to go.

The group that I was put into was called 3A and our first activity was brain bust which was in Room 1. My group all sat down at a table waiting for instructions. We didn’t have to wait that long before we were given our questions and told, “Go, you’ve got just under 9 minutes!” Everybody grabbed a piece of paper and read it, we were pretty surprised at the questions because they were indeed very challenging.

“What is an ancient invention that we use everyday to help us see through walls?” Jordenne read outloud. “Ummm, Windows!” Jennifer almost shouted, we agreed to give it a go so Jennifer took our answer to our teacher. It was correct! Unfortunately that was the only question we got right but we were happy with one.

Photo Booth was the next activity and yes it was all about taking creative and fun pictures. We were given props to use and we had to take 4-5 shots. A smiley one, a serious face, funny expression and the last one being creative, we could do whatever we wanted. It was really fun and I enjoyed that station a lot.

Our last two activities were Cookie Face and Pea Pipes. During cookie face, you had to get a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands. It was very funny to watch others move their face in unusual ways to succeed. I personally didn’t get it into my mouth but three others from my group did so I was happy with that.

Our last station was pea pipes, we had to pick up a pea with a straw and take the pea to next bowl which was about three metres away. It was quite challenging because it was pretty windy and peas kept falling off and making a mess. My group were very happy because we came 1st and got 100 points for our class!

The amazing race was finished so we headed back to the street for fitness. I really enjoyed the event because we got to spend time with our friends and classmates and support each other as well as compete with them. My favorite activity would have to be the photo booth because we had to try and be creative with our poses and facials. I also enjoyed that station because it was full with laughter. I would definitely want another amazing race to take place sometime soon!