Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Zealand Project

 This Presentation was not done in Class time but in my free time at home for homework. No one else in the class has a New Zealand Project. I did this to practise my presentation making skills and I thought it would be fun finding information about where I live. I hope you enjoy. :)


  1. Kia ora Ana, Great idea, I am sure visitors to NZ would be interested in learning more about our country before arriving. You could also investigate adding a link to a useful website on each of your slides so they could read more. eg NZHistory

  2. Hi my name is Mosese and i like your amazing picture like how you say that or that is difference keep it up

  3. Hi Ana,

    WOW what amazing work you have created and have you enjoyed your day today well I have cause you have trilled me with a lot of hope and happy thoughts about New Zealands the capital city and would you want to live in there plus you get to live in wellington well keep up the fantastic work see you later
    and I cant wait to see your next presentation about cities you are the happy amazing WOOOO-MAN.


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